World Religions

World Religions Assignment

Below are a series of links and videos. After each link there are a series of questions. On a piece of paper, answer each question.
Make sure to number them, use complete sentences, and be specific
(don't use "it" or "they"). The assignment is due at the end of the hour.

Map of World Religions: Most Popular Religions
The map above uses colors to show which religion is the most common in each country.
It is not the only religion in the country, but the most common.

1. Which religion is the most common in at least one country in every continent?

2. Which religion is the dominant religion in only one country? See if you can use Google to also figure out what country it is.

3. Are you surprised by the religious beliefs in any part of the world? Why?

Map of World Religions: Detailed
The map above is interactive. Zoom in and out to see all 16 points on the map.
Each point shows a key location for the history of a world religion. 

4. In what present day country was Jesus born?

5. In what present day country was Muhammad born?

6. In what present day country did the Jewish people build their first 2 temples?

7. Where were the Jewish people held as slaves before being freed by Moses?

8. Which Asian island is home to 90 million of Buddhists?

9. Who is the head of the Catholic Church? Where does he live?

10. Where did Buddha become enlightened and thus begin the religion of Buddhism?

11. What North American city has the highest concentration (most people per square mile) of Arab Muslims?

12. In which country did Guru Nanak found Sikhism? How did he claim he found god?

13. Christianity is by far the most common religion in Europe. How do you think it spread through Europe?

14. Islam is a major religion in the Middle East and South Asia. How do you think it spread through those areas?

 The region outline and shaded in purple is the Middle East. The area outlined and shaded in yellow is South Asia.

16. Why do you think essentially every major religion for the world started in one of these two areas?

17. Throughout history, those areas have had a great deal of religious conflict, wars, discrimination,etc. Why do you think there has been so much religious conflict in those two regions?

Watch the video below:
17. Choose two quotes. Write them down and try to explain what the quote is trying to tell people about life and their religion.

18. After watching the entire video, what themes or messages seem to repeat
throughout all the religions?