Growth of European Kingdoms

Answer the follow questions:

P. 317-318  Read about the Magna Carta and answer the 2 document based questions.
Also, what is the mood conveyed between King John and the nobles in the artist's depiction?

Research the current government in Great Britain.

How is it similar to English government in the High Middle Ages?
How is it different?
Does Queen Elizabeth II have power de jure, power de facto or both? Explain.
Describe some of the long term impacts the Magna Carta has had on the English government.

Map on P 320 and Current Map of Europe
What can you infer from the names of the Slavic groups and present day Slavic countries?

Unified national monarchies did not develop in Germany and Italy as they did in France and England during the High Middle Ages. Why not?

The Vikings (or Rus as the Slavic people called them) dominated the area that we know as Western Russia. Despite the Vikings being the dominant ruling culture, they were the ones who assimilated. Give 2 examples of groups the Rus assimilated into and how.


"He (William the Conqueror) was of just stature, extraordinary corpulence, fierce countenance; his forehead bare of hair; of such strength of arm that it was often a matter of surprise that no one was able to draw his bow, which he himself could bend it when his horse was on full gallop; he was majestic whether sitting or standing, although the protuberance of his belly deformed his royal person: of excellent health so that he was never confined with any dangerous disorder except at the last."
- William of Malmesbury

In your own words, describe the appearance of William the Conqueror.

Genghis Khan and his Golden Horde of Mongols destroyed Kievan Rus while amassing the largest land empire in the history of the world. Recent DNA research reveals another interesting fact about history's greatest conqueror. Read below

Genghis Khan: Conquered more than just land