Lennon vs McCartney

As the Beatles grew, their two main songwriters, John Lennon and Paul McCartney drifted in very different directions. Their songs tend to be very different from each other. This added to the variety and depth of the Beatles song catalog.

Your assignment is to listen to the groups of songs written by each artist (available on the HSStudent Drive ). Then, write a paragraph for each artist. The paragraph should highlight the common threads that made a John Lennon song different from a Paul McCartney song. Finally, listen to George Harrison songs and a write a paragraph discussing what trends (if any) we hear in his songs.

John Lennon:
1. Come Together
2. She Said She Said
3. Don't Let Me Down
4. Revolution

Paul McCartney
1. Let It Be
2. The Fool on the Hill
3. For No One
4. Hey Jude

George Harrison
1. The Inner Light
2. Something
3. Taxman
4. Piggies