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Daniel McIlhenney
Annapolis High School
Special Education Department

- 7:10 am-7:40 am and 3:00 pm-3:30 pm I am available in Room 14
- 7:10-3:30 via phone: 313-278-9870 ex 344
- 24/7 via email

All emails and phone calls will be returned within 24 hours.

Course Description:
This course is designed for students beginning Chemistry A It is designed as a refresher course to help students brush up on the prerequisite skills that they are expected to know from Physical Science. We will learn about the properties of matter, energy, and how energy and matter interact to produce changes in matter.

Course Work:
The work assigned for this online course will count towards your trimester Chemistry grade. However, this refresher course is separate from the work that will be covered in class. In order to get the information from this online course, you must work on it on your own time. Pay attention to due dates.

Due Dates:

On the left, there is a link to a calendar. The calendar has the due dates for each module.

Course Location:
The Chemistry class will meet daily in the Chem Lab as it says on your schedule. This online course will run from this website. All work, links, media, and documents to download will be found inside the course labeled "Physical Science Review Course" on my class webpage.

Technical Difficulties:
If you are experience technical issues with this website or any piece of the designed course, please contact myself immediately. You may also contact the Help Desk via email at

The course is entirely online. You will need a computer with internet access. If you have access to a computer that is capable of viewing YouTube videos, then you have the tools needed to complete this class. If accessing a computer with internet outside of school is difficult, remember to make plans to use the school's media center computers during MP2, before or after school.

All assignments will be graded and returned the following day. You will be instructed to either review the lessons again or to proceed forward. The school grading policy will apply. See your handbook for more information. All assignments will be formative with the exception of the post-test to wrap up the online course.

All late assignments will be marked down 10% each day they are late unless you have received approval for an extension.

All school policies in regards to academic honesty apply. Despite the coursework being online, it does not mean it is group work. Each student is to complete their own work. Students found committing plagiarism or any other form of academic dishonesty are subject to the student rules per the handbook.

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