Roaring 20s

Below are some links that might help provide ideas and inspiration for your magazine project.

The Roaring 20s from the History Channel
Short videos with lots of general info from Al Capone to the Great Gatsby to the Model T

A website broken down by topic (movies, sports, politics, art, etc.)

The Lawless Decade
Timeline of historical events and photos from the 20s (warning, there is some real cheesy elevator music that can be muted)

For those interested in the fashion and advertising of the time, here are links to images from magazines like Vanity Fair and Vogue. 

Advertising Archive
Great collection of 1920s magazine ads

Vanity Fair Covers
Covers from one of the most fashionable magazines of the time. It gives you a sense of the artistic style of the era. 

Vogue Magazine Covers

1920s Slang
From "the bee's knees" to "jake" to spiffy", learn how to talk like you were from the Jazz Age