Genocide is the deliberate and systematic killing of a race or culture of people. While the Holocaust is the most infamous example, it is not the only. Below are two articles discussing other examples of genocides. Read the articles and answer the questions.


Genocide in Rwanda

1. How many people were killed in the genocides in Rwanda?

2. Over what dates did the massacres take place?

3. What group did the killing? 

4. What group was targeted?

5. How are the two groups similar? How are they different?

6. How did the government encourage ordinairy citizens to participate in the killings?

Armenian Genocide

1. How many Armenians were killed?

2. What country carried out the genocide?

3. During what years did it take place?

4. What other groups were persecuted?

5. Pick 2 key events from the Armenian Genocide and describe their importance.