Art During the Depression

 Art During the Great Depression

Answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper.

Photo 1
1. What does the above picture show? (think vocab term from CH 14 S2)

Photo 2
2. What term from Ch 14 S2 does the above picture show?

Photo 3
3. What term from CH 14 S2 does the above picture show?

Jobless Men Keep Going
4. Look at the picture. Who is the sign directed at? What message is it giving them?

Next Time, Take the Train and Relax
5. Explain the irony between the men on the road and sign to their right.

(Irony is when what one thinks and what is reality are very different from each other. For example, the Titanic was considered "100% unsinkable. On her first voyage, she sank. That is irony.)

There's No Way Like the American Way
6. Explain the irony of the picture above.

woody guthrie

Go to  MyComputer-->HSstudent-->Mr.Mac-->USHistory   

There you will find 2 songs. Both songs were written and performed by Woody Guthrie. He was born in Oklahoma and traveled the country during The Great Depression. He wrote music for the average working people who were affected by the problems in the country- especially those in The Dust Bowl. Click on the links below to see the lyrics as you listen to the songs.

Dust Can't Kill Me

Ain't Got No Home

6. What do these songs talk about? How can we connect these songs to the information we have learned about the Great Depression?