·        If you are tardy to class, you must sign in on the tardy sheet clipboard.

·        Do not write or mark on the table tops.

·        Do not leave trash at your seat or on the floor.

·        There is to be no eating or drinking in the classroom (the exception is you may have water).

·        It is your responsibility to save all class material (notes, quizzes/tests, homework, etc.) and to keep it neatly organized.

·        You are expected to bring all necessary materials to class each day – pencil, eraser, paper, homework, and textbook.

·        Behavior which interferes with the learning of other students will not be tolerated.

·        If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the notes from another student, pick up any handouts, and get the homework assignment(s).  It is also your responsibility to arrange for any necessary make ups.

·        A pencil and eraser are required for quizzes/tests.

·        There will be homework each day – it consists of the following assignment – “Know and understand the material covered in class or have questions prepared on the material you do not understand”.  In addition written assignments will be given periodically.

·        You are expected to know you grade at all times.  A sheet will be provided for you to keep track of your grade.  This sheet must be kept current.





·        Obviously paying attention in class to both the teacher and other students during discussions is important.

·        Be mentally involved in a discussion even if you are not vocally participating.

·        Asking questions and getting help before you fall behind is important.

·        Taking good class notes will help as will getting in the habit of rewriting them before the next class.

·        A good study technique is to go home and think about what was discussed in class that day.

·        A good question to ask yourself often is “What if …?”.