Algebra 2Y Resources

Algebra 2Y Resources:
This course covers chapters 7, 9, and 3.  Please check out the available resources below.  

Chapter 7:  Polynomial Functions  
Lesson 7-1:
*Evaluating functions at a domain value.  Be sure to watch the whole video, especially the last example!   Evaluating Functions
*Describing the end behavior of a polynomial function.  End Behavior of a Graph

Lesson 7-2:  Graphing polynomial functions with a table of values

Lesson 7-4: Using Synthetic Division to find Remaining Factors

Lesson 7-5:  Solving polynomial equations
                          Writing a polynomial function given its zeros
                     (both real and complex)

Lesson 7-7:  Adding and Subtracting Polynomial Functions
                     Composition of Functions
                     Evaluating Composite Functions 

Lesson 7-8:  Finding the inverse of a linear function 
                    Graphing a linear function 
                    Determining if two functions are inverses

Lesson 7-9:  Finding the domain of a square root function
                     Graphing square root functions

Chapter 9:  Rational Expressions and Equations 

Lesson 9-1:  Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions

Lesson 9-2:  Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions (You will need to look at all parts of the lesson to be successful.  Start at the beginning, but be certain to look at all of the examples)  

Lesson 9-3:  Finding the vertical asymptotes of a rational function
                    Finding asymptotes and points of discontinuity
                    Graphing rational functions with a table (graphing                             calculator)

Lesson 9-6:  Solving Rational Equations  (Be sure to look at all of t
                  examples, including equations with 2 rational

Chapter 3:  Systems of Equations

Lesson 3-1:  Solving a System Graphically
Lesson 3-2:  Solving a System with Substitution
                     Solving a System with Elimination
Lesson 3-3:  Solving a System of Inequalities Graphically
Lesson 3-5:  Solving a System in 3 Variables