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About Me

I live in Ypsilanti with my husband, who is a detective with the Eastern Michigan University Police Department. My son is currently living in St. Louis, working as an executive chef at a downtown restaurant. Before entering the teaching field, I had a 17 year career in banking.

I moved to Michigan in 1992 to finish my bachelor’s degree and pursue my desire to teach.

I graduated with honors from Eastern in 1995 certified to teach English and Social Studies. I was originally assigned to O.W. Best in 1997 to teach Reading, but over the years I have taught 7th & 8th grade Reading, 7th Grade Social Studies & Government, 7th Grade English, Newspaper, Language Arts Workshop, and 8th Grade Language Arts, both regular track and honors. So far, at AHS, I've taught 9th Grade Honors English, 10th Grade English, & 11th Grade English (regular track & honors), Creative Writing, US History, and American Government!

I finished my master’s degree in Social Foundations of Education in 2004. This degree looks at the impact of political decisions, social problems, issues of gender & race on the educational setting. It was a truly eye-opening experience. Investigating these issues has made me a better and more politically active teacher.

I am looking forward to an exciting and action-packed year teaching your child. Please contact me if you have any questions about what we are doing in class or your child's achievement. My door is always open!

Please see the Class Expectations page for class syllabi, supplies list, etc.