Formerly known as Help Darfur Now, SHEWS (Students Helping End World Suffering) is the new incarnation of the students helping their fellow man.  The students at Annapolis High School have dedicated their time and energy into educating people about and drawing attention to the situation in Darfur, and they are now helping draw attention to the issue of clean water.  

The Water Project (thewaterproject) is an effort to provide clean water to those who need it in Africa.  Students have been competing in Penny Wars to raise funds to purchase a well which would help the children of Africa.  It's a long project, but a very worthy one.  All students are welcome to join SHEWS and participate in all aspects of the cause. 

In 2012, SHEWS issued a check to The Water Project for $5335.00!  That money will go toward maintaining wells at schools in Africa, saving lives in the process!  SHEWS is very proud of the AHS students for their enthusiasm and generosity!  Way to help the world!  See the results of this donation HERE!  SHEWS continues to work with The Water Project to help even more people beyond these borders.