AP Lit. and Comp. Summer Reading Links

AP Literature and Composition is a comprehensive and challenging class that looks at the myriad styles and genres of literature from all over the world and culminates with the AP Exam.  All literature and efforts throughout the year will help to prepare students to take the exam.  Students will develop their analytical skills  by delving deeply into novels, plays, poems, and beyond to decipher meaning, purpose, and themes, and will further their writing skills by expressing those analytical discoveries  thoughtfully and thoroughly.  Annotating the literature--that is, writing meaningfully in and about the text--will be of the utmost use and importance. 

The following links are to assist students with the initial reading list, which can be found HERE!

Youtube links provided are not the only ones available.  Please search on your own if you like.  Go forth and find!


By John Gardner
Grendel is a text that flips the story of Beowulf by changing the narrative perspective.  The following links are for the audio available on youtube.  They are NOT a substitute for the text, which will be needed for analysis and reference.  They are simply to assist in the reading.
Section 1 of 8
Section 2 of 8
Section 3 of 8
Section 4 of 8
Section 5 of 8
Section 6 of 8
Section 7 of 8
Section 8 of 8

By Mary Shelley
This link is to the entire novel, almost performed as a play.  It's not too shabby.  Again, you need the book for annotation purposes. 

By Emily Bronte
This version is read by a lovely woman, but it is important to remember that the speaker is a MAN. That is important. 
I have provided chapter one for you.  The rest are linked to it on youtube.  There are 31 links for this novel.  You can navigate all that business on your own.  Start with this one link.
Chapter 1

By Ralph Ellison
Prepare to be amazed and overwhelmed with WHOA!  Important piece of social commentary about racism and change.  There is much to learn through this piece.    This portion of the first chapter is read for you here by an amazing orator.  It's engrossing.  I am working on getting the rest, but DO NOT WAIT FOR ME!
Chapter 1  (Just a portion of it, really)

By George Orwell
This particular audio version has some good information at the beginning.  I have provided the first link to the reading.  You can link to each consecutive link once you are in youtube.  Keep the text handy for notations. 
1984 Part One


By William Shakespeare
The link below is to the entire play. Note where you start and stop.
Hamlet--Whole Play Audio

By William Shakespeare
King Lear Act 1
King Lear Act 2
King Lear Act 3
King Lear Act 4
King Lear Act 5

By Oscar Wilde
A most excellent and humourous play performed well for your listening pleasure.  PAY ATTENTION!
The Importance of Being Earnest

No audio links for this one.  I am working on it, but do not wait for me.