Teacher Lab Guidelines & Reservations

Computer Lab sign-up guidelines:

1.  Be considerate when booking the labs – please do not book for days “you might” want to hold class in the lab.  If you do sign a lab out and will not be not be using it, please have your name removed so that another faculty member can sign it out.

2.  You or your student teacher must accompany your class to the lab (Subs are not allowed to accompany a class a lab).

3.  Your help is needed in making sure students follow the lab rules outlined in the “Acceptable Use Policy”.  Please ask for a copy if you are not aware of the rules.  In addition there is no eating, drinking or food anywhere in the labs.  Students will lose computer lab privileges if they do not follow the rules.

4.  When your class is finished in the lab, please be sure you have checked:

  • All students are logged out
  • All student belongings have been removed from the lab
  • All furniture is cleared and returned to its proper place (push in the chairs)
  • All trash and papers have been picked up from the tables and floor

5.  Please be considerate when printing.

I have read the rules.  Take me to the On-Line Schedule