AAA - Annapolis Academic Assistance

Goal:  AAA is designed to help struggling students develop and maintain good study habits.  AAA targets students who are struggling with completing homework.
Referral Process


  1. Classroom teacher meets with student to discuss problem.
  2. Classroom teacher contacts parent to discuss problem
  3. A meeting takes place with the referring teacher, counselor, parent and administrator to discuss possible enrollment.
  4. Before enrollment in AAA (Annapolis Academic Assistance Program) the parent and student must sign this contract agreeing to the terms outlined in this document.
  5. Student will attend AAA for a minimum of one month.  Duration will be decided at the meeting.
  6. If a student refuses to attend they may be placed in the Earn All Program.
Requirements of Student attending After School Program:
  1. Students are required to complete his or her planner daily and get the planner signed by his or her teachers.
  2. At each session the student must show the planner to the AAA teacher to be admitted.
  3. Student must sign in /out and provide a summary of what work was completed each day.
  4. Only late work completed between AAA sessions can be turned in for eighty percent credit—it must be signed by the AAA teacher.
  5. If the student does not have any homework on a given day they are required to attend and read silently.
  1. Attendance is mandatory.
  2. If the student misses one class (unexcused absence) an intervention with the student, parent, and administrator must take place.
  3. After the intervention and a second unexcused absence the student is removed from the program.
  1. All Code of Conduct rules apply.
  2. Misbehavior or insubordination will result in an intervention with student, parent, and administrator.
  3. Repeated misbehavior or insubordination will result in removal of the program for the semester
 Exit Process :
  1. Upon completion of AAA the student, parent, referring teacher and Dean of Students/Counselor must meet.
  2. After reviewing the data compiled, a decision is made on whether the student will remain in AAA.
  3. Students must improve all grades or maintain a “C” in their core classes. 
  4. Students must have their planner filled out and signed six consecutive times prior to the scheduling the exit meeting.

Exit Process :
Exit Process :